EMBRACE the TEAM’s primary goal is to provide customized workshops

to meet the unique needs of all teams.

Team Building Activites


Activities are designed to engage teams of all ages and apply cognitive processing skills by encouraging oneself to operate outside of their comfort zone.

Recurring Works


For those teams that are interested in pursuing the journey of teamwork, EMBRACE the TEAM offer recurring workshops, determined by the needs of team team, to truly build cohesion.

Individual and Team Reflection


Workshops are desinged using the flipped-classroom model.  Teams will be provided "homework" to complete prior to the workshop. Compiled data will be reflected upon during the workshop while coinciding with "real time" reflection. The rationale behind providing reflection opportunities prior to, during, and afterwards ensures that the lessons learned are self-defined                                                     not dictated. 

Data Analysis


Team leaders will be provided a final report, derived from ananyoumous quantitative and qualitative data, to show individual and team perception's of how the team operates.

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