EMBRACE the TEAM workshops are rooted in the theories supported by Bandura's (1983) Social Cognitive Thoery and Hoy's (2000) Collective Efficacy; both of which explain social dynamics. With collaboration being an exponentially growing skill set necessary to be successful either in education or the professional setting, authentic learning experiences must be experienced. Teamwork can not be taught; it must be lived and most importantly felt. Workshops are designed to capture individualized and team reflections, ultimately leading to the growth of the team.



Kevin Wallace



To provide an authentic learning experience to teams, of all ages, in efforts to foster cohesion, team identity and enhance collective efficiency and effectiveness in pursuing their desired goal.


In order to provide an authentic learning experience workshops are designed with technology enhanced, anonymous participation.  Anonymity is a critical piece in developing collective efficacy amongst a group because it promotes honesty; a key pillar of teamwork.  Teams will recognize both strengths and areas of need and be provided a hands-on opportunity to problem solve.

About The Owner

I have spent the past twelve years working in public education as a special education teacher and administrator. During this time I have earned a master's degree in special education and educational leadership and am currently a Doctoral Candidate in Organizational Leadership.


It is these experiences that have helped shape my belief that authentic learning is imperative to learning a new skill, including working with a team.  Benjamin Franklin famously said, "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." It is this involvement that drove my classroom pedagogy and continually pushes me to tweak workshops to enhance the learning process for all. I truly believe that when provided the correct incentive and reinforcement anything is possible.  I also recognize that this process may be long and arduous, but if the goal is worth fighting for than excuses are just excuses.

I look forward to working with your team.

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